Freya McAndie sprints to a bronze at the Surrey Championships.

Surrey Championships was a fantastic weekend with outstanding results from all SpeedPro athletes. The weekend had many personal bests and medals, but the biggest standout was a first-year U15 athlete, Freya McAndie. Freya started the season running 800m but moved to 300m for the epic weekend. Not only did she run around a second and a half PB, but she also made it to the finals, achieved a bronze medal, and was first in her year in Surrey.

Here is an interview with Freya about the fabulous weekend she had:

Neva: Well done on a fantastic weekend, Freya; I am sure you are still buzzing with excitement. Firstly, how was the weekend for you, and how did you feel about your races?

Freya: "Going into the weekend, I wanted to get into the final and hopefully be the fastest first-year U15 in Surrey. I didn't expect to get third in the final because I was trying not to come last, so I was shocked when I came around the bend and saw where I was compared to the rest of the field."

Neva: This weekend's results would've required a lot of dedication and hard work to achieve them. Therefore, how did you prepare for this weekend?

Freya: "To prepare, I was very dedicated and attended all my training sessions. Also, during the winter, I ran a lot of longer distances to increase my mileage, which helped a lot during the weekend with the back-to-back races."

Neva: At the beginning of the season, it was evident you were competing at the 800m, but are you happy moving down to the 300m for that weekend?

Freya: "I like doing all distances, but after that weekend, I will compete in the 300m race throughout the rest of the season."

Neva: Surrey Championships marked the beginning of the major competitions this season. What are your goals and aspirations for the rest of the season?

Freya: "I would like to come first at London Schools in the 300m and get into the London Schools Track and Field team so I can compete at English schools, as I am quite close to the standard."

Freya was a star at the Surrey Championships, and there is still much more to achieve this season. We look forward to seeing how Freya progresses towards her goals and aspirations for the 2024 Outdoor Season.

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